How I learnt not to worry and love Essex

Democracy, iliberal democracy, no democracy at all? Good question.

The University of Essex, home of some very activist students, preoccupied with political issues, organizing protests, and fighting the government against the education cuts.  These students will be led by some of the most passionate, active and skilled of them all, who will be voted in through democractic elections. As good as it may sound, I was wondering these days if Dan the duck would perhaps be a better option than the students running for elections.

Out of the three main slates, Yes Essex won all the positions. The nigth of the elections was chaos, everyone complaining, saying elections were rigged, they don’t deserve it and so on. Next thing on Monday, formal complaints have been made to the NUS that the winners had cheated. But did they? Yes, CCTV footage shows clearly how the Yes Essex candidates “showed” people in the computer labs “how to vote” . However another important question has to be raised: Were they the only ones to do that? Of course not. During election I went to hide in one of the underground labs as it was more queiet. All slates had people coming to the labs “showing” people how to vote.

Essex students are now wondering why not desqualify everyone? Is it by any chance because one of the other slates were the very best friends of the current “leaders” of the SU? As everyone knows Vision Essex is the new Mission Essex. How come random students managed to put forward a formal complaint since the NUS website does not provide any information about that?


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