Power transition and students societies

When I became president of the Latin American Society last year I thought it was a great opportunity. Even though it’s not something of extreme importance, just like any dedicated leader, I had a dream. A dream of spreading the love for Latin America across the campus, and form a wonderful and tolerant community where friendships will be made, and would last forever. I was very active, and passionate about what i was doing. I made sure to recruit professional dance teachers, to organize everything in the most meticulous way, and try to please as many people as possible. Of course it wasn’t easy with a group of 120 members, but i did my best. I believe it was a success though. People from many countries of the world joined and had a great experience. Many became best friends after meeting at our events, and go out together, study together, forming very strong bonds.

Only few weeks before freshers fair i found out the vice president was going abroad for a term. I was more or less alone in this. Being in my final year, and on a very demanding course, I found it exhausting, but in the same time extremely rewarding. All the stress, and time put into it, was definitely worth it.

Now the time has come for me to step down. Last year, the former president refused to give up the power, and caused immense problems, but I know the time has come for someone else to share the amazing experience that I’ve had. The issue is whether there is that certain someone to continue the legacy, or even improve the society. In the past two years we have enjoyed being one of the most popular societies on campus. My very good friend L. who has supported me all this time, with pieces of advice on diplomacy, negotiation, and dispute settlement said i need to find a successor. Not in a monarchical sense, but someone who is as dedicated, and passionate about the society, and whom i can “train” with tips, and how to get the most out of the Students Union Resources, as well as contacts in “strategic”departments who could potentially help with funding and promotion.

To do this is not easy. There are very passionate people but who always seem to rush, and take bad decisions and create a chaos. There are very good candidates who do not want to bear the responsibility, and those who want to have something nice to put on their CVs. I am now wondering, from a moral point of view, is it acceptable for me to try and find someone i think would be good enough, and support as much as can, or is that more than what my task involves, and should let the whole process run its course, no matter what the result will be?


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