F*ck this democracy- youth and trust in Bosnia

In the past few days I’ve been trying to argue why CIM’s policies focus on youth, and how young people in Bosnia don’t have much trust in political institutions (or international organizations). Then I found a song written by a very popular band from Bosnia which expresses this in a very straightforward way. Here are the lyrics:

“Lord Owen arrived in Sarajevo. He brought a clear message to the people of Bosnia.

Owen: Don’t, don’t, don’t live under this dream that the West is going to come in and solve this problem out. Don’t dream dreams.”

Sudden confront / Aggression on the front /Prime-time human disaster /Big heads never ask /What happens after /Their filthy ideas / Got the blinded people /Crawl down on their knees /Here’s their politic, a big trick /Echo of the gun click /From the white creek /To the black peak /Global distress /Control whole media and press /The time has come for them
to feel the stress /What we saw /People slaughtered on their doors /Ethnic cleansing observed /And therefore supported /By UN force /So why the f*ck  they were here for?!

General Morillon: “You are now under the protection of the UN forces”

While they live on our life source /Ignorance is ther force /So no remorse /Could it be worse /We’ve never lived /By our choice /Here’s the noise of people left with no voice /U.S. eye in the sky /Couldn’t be missed by /They watched the whole scene /Today they dare to deny /Democracy with the fake smile /Forces upon whole world to apply /Freedom coma’ one day /They planted an evil seed /Used their lie force so it would proceed /Instead of food it grew into hate and greed /Never gave the people what they need /So we better take a lead /We’ll never let them change our believes /Use your mind, unity is what we need /We can stop their game /Our lives they’re playing with.

Mind, mind, mind /Better try to survive /This game full of crime /The truth can’t be modified /We all know that the lie /Can’t be justified /I will testify /After we suffered genocide /Then we were struck with the urbicide /Lots of them died to get to the other side /Those who survived, almost lost their mind.

Recognize, realize, be wise /Clock is ticking away /Time is slipping away /Blood is spilt today /I’ll be critical, mystical, lyrical /In the white hall /Blood on the people wall /Who stole the soul of the people /I heard somewhere we’re all equal /Guess they don’t want us to be free /From here to the deserts /From past to the present /Democracy with the fake smile /Forced upon whole world to apply /While we’re living in hypocrisy /F*ck this democracy.


** some of the lines in the song most likely refer to the fact that the UN forces who were guarding the UN safe area in Srebrenica watched how the Serb army came in and slaughtered around 7000 Muslism men (also known as the Bosnian genocide)**


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