Storytelling Collection: Challenges and Opooprtunities

After beginning the globalgiving storytelling project, we realised many standard methods did not work in our specific context. When reflecting on the the process, I collected a list of challenges and opportunities for applying the storytelling methodology to Sanski Most.

Us versus Them

Lately I have been drawn towards reading more about social identity theory. I long for being in a community again, for having people I have interests in common with around, for a sense of belonging, for people to understand me. In the past 4 years, I have been part of such groups, and now I... Continue Reading →

Understanding CR #5: A three stage approach to practising Conflict Resolution

In my last post I will present three practical approaches to Conflict Resolution that I believe can build constructive change in societies that have suffered violent conflict, and suffer deep divisions.  I am looking at the resolution process from the perspective of it being the field that will imply stages such as constructive conflict management,... Continue Reading →

Understanding Conflict Resolution IV: Identity, Ethnicity and Political Entrepreneurs

Groups and leaders It is a socially accepted idea that groups work better when they have a leader to coordinate them. Schools, businesses, and states have leaders. People get together in groups for different reasons, such as education, hobbies, common values, and in the case of states, sometimes for identity and nationality reasons. Groups can... Continue Reading →

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