Our Way: A story of Community Development in Priboj, BiH

Mili, a brave and determined young person from the small town of Priboj in BiH, had an ambitious project idea which many deemed impossible: building a community financed tennis court. Mili tells the story of how they did it ‘their way’.


Globalgiving Storytelling Project: Visit to Fenix

Visiting a social support centre meant that local volunteers got to hear the stories of some of the most disadvantaged residents of Sanski Most. Forgotten war veterans. Struggling mothers. ‘They have nothing more to lose’.

Storytelling Collection: Challenges and Opooprtunities

After beginning the globalgiving storytelling project, we realised many standard methods did not work in our specific context. When reflecting on the the process, I collected a list of challenges and opportunities for applying the storytelling methodology to Sanski Most.