Canon TX/May 2018/Tirana

The Canon TX surpassed all light leak expectations on this occasion. It was great to take film photos around Tirana though, and at least I have a few photos I like. Apart from the glowy red special effects the camera decided to employ, the most annoying are the photos that come out half black.

Since then, I have been wondering whether to try and fix an already very broken camera, or let it go. I decided to go for the first option. The first step was to purchase some thin, black form to attempt to stop the light leaking from the camera. The next step will be to identify whether there is an issue with the mirror causing the dark spots on the photos; also-the fact that all text comes out backwards. More photos coming soon.


Kodak Portra 400

Foca, Bosnia and Herzegovina. May 2018

House of Leaves. Tirana. May 2018

National Theatre. Tirana. May 2018

Palace of Culture. Tirana. May 2018

Tirana. May 2018(1)

Tirana. May 2018(2)

Tirana. May 2018


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  1. kevinallan says:

    Congratulations on an interesting blog. With regard to the text being backwards, this is an indication that the film has been scanned the wrong way round – that is, with the emulsion side (the dull side) facing down. Actually I usually put my 35mm film holder in the scanner film holder this way, as it sits better, but then “flip” or “mirror” the image in the scanning software. If the lab produced the scans for you, you should tell them about this problem. You can however put it right yourself using image editing software. Almost any image editing program can do this, including the free one built into Windows; look for an option called “flip” or “mirror”. Hope this helps.


    1. Adelina S says:

      Hi Kevin, thank you for your comment, feedback like this is invaluable when I sometimes struggle with film. There are all these small things that I don’t understand, and it usually requires a lot more experience to figure out. I will check out the editing option. The lab that developed it wasn’t the one I usually use, it was a while ago and haven’t taken my films to them since, but it’s good for me to know why it happens and how to fix it.


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