June 2018-Sarajevo/Minolta X-700

This was my first time using the Minolta X-700. I got this camera accidentally actually, despite the fact that I had it in mind I wasn’t actively looking for one. And then I traveled to Tirana for a project, and on my last day in the city, I asked a friend to join me at the market, in which I had been having my daily morning coffees, to buy local olive oil!

And then I see a few sellers with antiques in a corner of the market, and I notice two huge boxes with cameras and lenses. Heaven! Some were very broken to the point of no repair, others looked alright, but as is the case with most cameras from the 80s, they require batteries for the shutters to work, so there is no way of knowing.

The Minolta X-700 had a lens that I didn’t want: a huge and bulky telephoto lens. So I asked to buy the body, thinking I would much rather have a Minolta MD lens attached to it, in case all functions worked properly, of course. When I brought the camera home, I first went to purchase the battery, and then it all seemed ok. And it was, minus the fact that I needed a lens for it. Now that was tricky. I found one that looked nice and clean, locally, so I ordered it. On arrival though, it was missing the tiny little metal ball on the aperture ring, and so, on my camera, there was no way of changing it from maximum aperture. I turned to my broken Soligor lens, disassembled it, and took the tiny missing piece. It might have been a bit too big for it, but after some practice the ring now turns ok, without much effort, or maybe it just needed some time to settle in.

I wasn’t so happy about getting my first roll of film developed though. I tested the camera mostly on Program and Aperture Priority Mode (being very excited to have those, as normally I don’t). Some came overexposed, but mostly the problem was the lack of sharpness that usually comes with Minolta lenses, in fact even the Hi Matic I believe did a better job. Nonetheless, I will try again sometimes soon, mostly on manual and aperture priority, to see if it makes any difference.


Agfa Vista 200

Minolta X-700Sarajevo. June 2018(2)Sarajevo. June 2018(3)Sarajevo. June 2018(4)Sarajevo. June 2018(5)Sarajevo. June 2018Sarajevo, June 2018Sarajevo. June 2018(1)




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